Our story begins with a single family on Thanksgiving Day, 2008. We delivered a healthy Thanksgiving meal to remind a family in need that the community cares for and supports them. The ultimate vision was to alter their lives for just one day and to honor a family through the offering of much deserved support and relief.

At Delivering Hope, we believe that perspective is more than half the battle. When we actively create the belief that life is working for us, not against us and cultivate gratitude for what we do have, we have taken the first steps to self-empowerment and true happiness. We understand that life can be hard. It is our mission to lighten the load by sharing inspiration and cultivating connection through giving.

That Thanksgiving had such an impact on everyone involved that we turned it into a tradition. 208 baskets later, we find ourselves reaching even further into the community, understanding more deeply our communities true need for connection and inspiration.

Delivering Hope has evolved with the support of our community members and donors to offer Random Acts of Kindness on a monthly basis to community members in need, nominated by folks like you! (Take a look at our ‘Past Service’ page to see what we’ve been up to!)

At Delivering Hope, we believe that kindness and generosity are universal; People want to help each other. We ask, if gratitude allows, that “Love Drop” recipients pay it forward by reaching out to someone else in need, starting a ripple-effect to spread community-minded goodwill and service.

At Delivering Hope, we envision a grassroots movement that will transform communities by connecting and inspiring the people. Life is not always easy, but it’s worth it. Deliver hope for a greater tomorrow and be a part of the movement!

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Board of Directors


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Steven C.
Chairman of the Board
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Board Member
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Michael M.
Writing Consultant
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Logistics Director
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Web Design/Apparel

Random Acts of Kindness: 238    Money Put Back into Community: $23,944

Hooray! Delivering Hope is now a federally recognized non-profit organization, 501c3. That means you or your business can make tax-deductible donations!

Welcome to Delivering Hope!

We organize Random Acts of Kindness for community members who need the gift of hope, to remind everyone that the community cares and that they are loved.

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    We are Rhode Islanders just trying to make a difference.

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    We cultivate community connection through anonymously giving to those in need.

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    The world is a better place when people feel connected and cared for Watch The Video
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